Friday, February 5, 2010


D.C. is bracing for a potentially "historic" snowstorm, so last night I thought I'd pop over to the grocery store and pick up food for a couple of days.

So did everybody else. I tried my little neighborhood store, and it was picked clean. No milk, no beef, no chicken. So, I went to the big store, and it was practically the same thing! And lines of 10 or 15 people at every register, each with a cart filled to overflowing. So I tried again this morning. A bit better: but no quarts of milk, no half gallons. I had to pick up a gallon -- and there weren't many of those left. There was some beef and chicken. I took what I could find and counted myself lucky.

Washington can barely deal with two inches of snow, and we're expecting up to two feet. People are skittish like its Y2K all over again.

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