Tuesday, February 9, 2010

After the Fall

A snow day is fun, a snow week is a pain in the ass. Snowmaggedon very considerately came on the weekend, which minimized disruption, but with that much snow it wasn't surprising that most workplaces (including GW and the federal government) were closed on Monday. It was enjoyable to get an extra day to putter about and work at home in a relaxed way.

But now it's Tuesday, and schools and the government are still closed (a lot of private workplaces seem to be open), and with another big storm arriving today, there's no telling when we might be able to hold classes again. We've endured about two feet already, and the forecast calls for another ten to twenty inches today and tomorrow. Is there no limit to this? Doesn't the snow get used up?

One day of canceled classes can be made up without much trouble, but a week of canceled classes, which now seems all too likely, is a real disruption in the schedule. We have a couple of snow days built into the schedule, but not five. I don't think we can cancel spring break, and the exam schedule is pretty sacred. There'll be a lot of doubling up and we might have to eliminate reading period. It's going to be tough on both students and faculty.

What would be interesting would be if we got, say, four inches of snow. Around here, four inches is usually regarded as a major calamity, something that brings life to a standstill. But have Snowpocalypse and Snowmaggedon toughened up even the weather wimps of DC? Would we shrug off four inches and get ourselves to work? Unfortunately it looks like we won't find out. Snoverkill is on the way.

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