Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tax Protestor Sentenced

Faithful readers know that every now and again you have to put up with my eccentric interest in tax protestors.

Michael C. Irving, who was sentenced yesterday, was apparently a highly respected homicide detective in the D.C. Police Department, who had solved important cases. He was earning good money -- according to the government, he made over $180,000 in 2005 -- but he decided he didn't have to pay taxes on it. He seems to have fallen for a tax scam he heard about from a fellow detective, who told him that he'd attended a "tax seminar" and learned how to pay no taxes and get all his withholding back. Irving paid zero taxes from 2002 to 2005.

That sort of thing can enhance your lifestyle for a while -- apparently Irving kept hold of $130,000 that he should have paid in taxes. But now he's been sentenced to 14 months. Funny how cases like this never seem to persuade the tax protestor movement that there really is a law requiring you to pay taxes -- you might think that seeing people put in prison for violating that law would sort of convince people that the law exists, but somehow they just keep on going.

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Anonymous said...

John I have learned alot form you. I pay my taxes but do beleive that in such tough economic times it would help move the economy if we did not have to pay them. It seems it would be better to have National income tax. what are your thoughts on this?
L. Reddy