Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In With The New

Nothing could spoil the splendor of President Barack Obama's inauguration -- although the organizers certainly tried their best. My girlfriend and I were among the purple ticket holders who were "especially inconvenienced," as the Post put it -- fairly mild words for what was going on as we approached the gate. We got to within two blocks of the gate by 8:30 am, but didn't get through it until 11:20. If you imagine that the gate led to the last ship leaving the dock of a war-torn country, you'll have some idea of what it was like getting there. We were physically squashed up against other people for most of the time. At least we got in. Some people were apparently turned away.

But it was all worth it. Finally, on the mall, at the constitutional hour of noon, Barack Obama took the oath of office. George Bush is no longer President. And we were there.

I want change. How about today?

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