Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ghost Town

If four million people are showing up in DC for Inauguration, all I can say is they aren't here yet. My girlfriend and I were out and about yesterday, and not only were things not packed, they were kinda empty. There were plenty of seats on the Metro. Hardly anyone in the shops. No problem finding a taxi, a ticket to the movies, or a table at restaurants.

Oh, there was a bit of a crowd of screaming people when Jay-Z showed up at Pentagon City. The Apple Store was packed, and it was tough to move around at the Whole Foods. But I don't think those shoppers were tourists. And they were the only crowd we saw.

Weren't people supposedly renting out their apartments to swarms of eager visitors for $1500 a night with a four-night minimum? I guess those visitors must be staying in the apartments to get their money's worth. Or maybe the Post is right and the Inaugural rental market went bust.

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