Monday, January 12, 2009

Inaugural Thought

We DC residents are all looking forward to Barack Obama's inaugural celebration. In thinking back to George W. Bush's inaugural, particularly his first one, in 2001, I remember that it had a distinctly Texan flavor -- the city was jammed with people wearing cowboy boots with their black tie or fur coat. Lots of ten gallon hats, too.

Suppose we wanted to have an Illinois flavor for this year's inauguration. What would that even be? The only thing associated with Illinois these days is corruption. Maybe you should have to slip somebody twenty bucks to get onto the Mall, even though you have a ticket?

I apologize to Illinois natives who are cringing as they read this, but I can't think of what would constitute Illinois style. Probably it exists, but you could parade it in front of me and I wouldn't even know.

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