Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Visit to Paradise

Faithful readers, if you are upset that I have provided no content this week, forgive me, for I have been visiting Paradise, or, at least, that portion of Paradise known as Duck, North Carolina.

In this little corner of Heaven, life is truly a beach. The Outer Banks spread for miles in both directions, and nature itself has blessed the week with a cloudless sky and balmy temperatures. The rented beach house is splendid and even the water warmed up midweek for some lovely swimming.

But there is very limited Internet access. That's why I've been away from blogging. And there's not much cell phone access either.

How pleasant, really, to take a vacation not only from work but from e-mail, voicemail, news, and Internet surfing. Constant communication and the Internet are blessings, but also curses, in that they allow work and care to absorb all one's time. How often do you check your e-mail? How often the news headlines? And do you really need either so frequently? Getting access to them about once every two days reminds me how much time and mental energy I waste on them. The messages and the headlines are there for me when I get around to them. On vacation, they dance to my schedule, not me to theirs. An attitude to remember upon one's return.

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