Wednesday, May 16, 2007

From The Self-Unhelp Section

Ah, look, the annual ballot for the Havard Board of Overseers election arrived. This ballot really should come with a note saying, "In case you were feeling good about your achievements, read this." Let's see who's up for election this year:

  • OK, we've got Richard Schrock (Ph.D. '72), 2005 Nobel laureate for chemistry.
  • If you don't like him, there's always Richard Meserve (J.D. '75), President of the Carnegie Institution of Washington and formerly chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
  • Still not satisfied? How about independent film producer Lucy Fisher (A.B. '71)? She and her partner Douglas Wick have only won seven Oscars [actually, that's what the ballot notes say, but I only find one win, for Douglas, at the Official Academy Awards Database -- must be some definitional issues here].
  • There's always Champ Lyons, Jr. (A.B. '62), state supreme court justice (ok, it's Alabama, but Alabama is a state, you know).
  • And Stephanie Wilson (S.B. '88) -- she's an astronaut.

And I haven't even mentioned a few others. Wow, quite a list of achievers. Jon Siegel (A.B. '84), GW Law Professor, is still working on his bio.

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