Thursday, May 17, 2007

Now There Are Five

Chuck Hagel becomes the fifth Republican Senator to call for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales's resignation. The U.S. Attorney firing scandal was bad enough, but the stunning story of Gonzales's nighttime visit to John Ashcroft's sickbed seems to have put Hagel over the top.

I don't see how Gonzales can hang on much longer. Last week he was telling people he had "weathered the storm," but the revelation that, as White House Counsel, he was so eager to violate our rights that he tried to take advantage of a man in the ICU is really too much. It should give new impetus to the push to get him out.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Paul Wolfowitz may "soon" resign as World Bank President(although the lede in other papers is that he's clinging to his post).

There's nothing like an opposition Congress to shine some light into the dark corners of the administration. So long as the Dems didn't even have one house of Congress, they really had nothing. But with the power to conduct investigations and issue subpoenas, we're finally finding out at least something about just how bad things are in our government.

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