Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I use T-mobile as my cell phone service provider. I made this choice several years ago. I picked T-mobile because it had the best plans, even though its coverage is a little spotty. I live in a city, so the coverage problem rarely comes up. So I figured I'd go with the provider that has the best plans.

But now I have to put up with being portrayed as the clod in this ad. Sheesh! I mean, really, what brand image are they trying to portray here? Presumably, it's something like, "T-mobile -- the mobile phone service for pathetic guys who pant after hot spokesmodels they'll never meet."

Frankly, I'd be kind of embarrassed to admit what phone service I use at this point. I wouldn't want anyone to think that this ad got me to pick T-mobile.

I'm trying to be a loyal customer here, but these ads really make me want to switch to somebody else.

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