Saturday, July 25, 2009

Against the Best

One of the greatest things about playing bridge is that you can show up at a tournament, pay your entry fee, and literally play against the best players in the world. There's no other competitive activity I know where that happens. You can't just show up and play golf against Tiger Woods. You can't even play in the same tournament. But in bridge, you can.

Well, here at the summer North American Bridge Championships, being held right here in Washington, DC, my partner and I have already played against Zia Mahmood, whom many people regard as being the number one player in the world (althoug his official rank appears to be 15th). It was definitely a hoot to see him at our table.

And by the way . . . we beat him! Over the whole session! We finished a little above average and he and his partner . . . well, let's not publish the score. Of course, he was probably playing with a client (top players hire themselves out to play in tournaments), so his partner was probably not much of a player. But still! It was fun to play and fun to see the final score.

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