Monday, June 1, 2009

Another D.C. Vote Debate

Actually, this one isn't exactly a debate, but I will be testifying before a hearing of a D.C. Council's Special Committee tonight at the Wilson building. The hearing starts at 6:30 pm. I'll be on a panel discussing the constitutionality of H.R. 157, the District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act of 2009. As faithful readers know, I think the act is clearly unconstitutional. Others on the panel disagree, so there'll be something like a debate on the topic.

Interestingly, also on the panel will be Patricia M. Wald, former Chief Judge of the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals. It isn't every day that I clash with the judge I clerked for, but she's on record as supporting the constitutionality of the act. So we'll be taking opposing views on the panel

And I might be questioned by Mary Cheh, who is both my colleague and a Council Member. Small world.

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