Tuesday, June 30, 2009

About Damn Time

I think the Minnesota Supreme Court reads this blog. I complained yesterday about how they were taking their sweet time deciding the Minnesoat Senate election case. Well, today, they issued their decision. And about time, too.

Franken wins. It's unanimous. The decision is somewhat about legal issues, but mostly about how Coleman just hadn't proved his case. That will make further appeal difficult for Coleman.

I think Franken is going to the Senate. When a court comprised of a majority of Republican appointees rules for the Democratic candidate on primarily factual grounds, the opinion has a lot of heft. Coleman is going to have a tough time getting anywhere.

Update: It looks like Coleman reads the blog too. He has conceded.

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Anonymous said...

Alan Page -- the Pro Football Hall of Famer, and former member of the Minnesota Vikings' famed "Purple People Eaters" defensive line -- is a justice on the Minnesota Supreme Court. I'd forgotten about that. He's quite the Renaissance man.