Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Your Purchase Is Free

No legal content today, but can I just ask when it was decreed that every retail lunch shop has to have a sign saying, "If I fail to give you a receipt, your purchase is free!"? When was the last time you needed to prove that you owned your lunch? I suppose one customer in fifty gets reimbursed. Let that one customer ask for a receipt. I came to buy a sandwich, not a piece of paper.

What's particularly annoying is that the cashiers have become adept at handing you first the dollar-bills part of your change, then the receipt, and then the coins on top, so that the receipt is sandwiched in the middle and hard to get rid of.

I think we all know that stores don't do this out of concern for the customers. It's to make sure the cashiers don't put the money in their pockets. To save stores from pilfering, we're all walking around with bits of paper we don't want.

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