Thursday, March 29, 2007

Watch Doan's Memory at Work

If you'd like to see Lurita Doan try to explain what Scott Jennings was doing at GSA with slides about the 2008 elections, you can do so here.

Worth watching. It's particularly amusing to see Doan deny that a reasonable interpretation of the slide headed "2008 House Targets: Top 20" was that it was a political attempt to try to target the top 20 Democratic candidates for defeat in 2008. She says no, "I would say that this is a slide that says '2008 House Targets: Top 20.'" (Watch from 6:40 left.) Sheesh.

She can't remember the meeting, she can't remember what she said at the meeting, she can't explain what these slides have to do with GSA's core mission of managing government buildings.

It sure seems like a clear use of government offices for political campaign purposes.

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