Monday, June 21, 2010


In case you've been dying to know whether the Carmack Amendment trumps the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act with regard to the domestic inland segment of carriage conducted under a through bill of lading that contains a "Himalaya clause," you're in luck! The Supreme Court provided the answer today. I won't spoil it for you.

Still no Bilski and no decision about the constitutionality of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. They're putting off the good stuff for the very end.


Anonymous said...

Governments can make any number of laws and enforce them upon a populace. But that does not make every law right, just because it's the law.

"There are laws that enslave men and laws that set men free"

It's been my experience that most governments prefer using laws that enslave people. IE. Income tax laws!

wesley04 said...

I read your "common sense statement" and would like to disagree on a point, you are obviously much more educated then me but still, I dont work to accrue money just to accrue it, I earn wages because we dont work in a trade based society anymore, I need money for food, ect, so I do work for equal money for equal sweat for to "trade" for those commodities that would not be available to me otherwise,and what about already being taxed on all items bought and sold as it is? All items bought and sold already have a federal, state, and local tax on them so why tax our wages even further? pls respond if you wish at

tks for for addressing this as I truly believe we are sorely abused thru taxation by our own country.

Anonymous said...

you wrong about Russo. how much money they pay to put dirt on him?