Friday, August 28, 2009

Fast Action

The staff of the late Senator Ted Kennedy must archive his materials and close his office within 60 days.

Wow. I certainly understand that the staff of a deceased legislator can't remain on the public payroll indefinitely, and that their only remaining task is to close up the office in an orderly fashion, but 60 days seems like an awfully short time for this case. Senator Kennedy's office presumably has 46 years' worth of records and materials that will need to be dealt with appropriately. The records will be of great value to historians and researchers and they should be archived with care and thoughtfulness, not hastily thrown into a bunch of boxes and put in a warehouse.

I suppose a fair amount of the records are probably archived already, but even so, to close up shop for any office that has been open for 46 years would be a considerable undertaking and I doubt that the staff could really do a proper job in 60 days -- even without considering that everyone's going to be in shock for at least a week or two and that they all need to find new jobs in the same time period.

Fortunately, a little research reveals that the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration has discretion to lengthen the closing period (page 3). Perhaps some extra time could be arranged to reflect the challenge of properly closing this unusual office.


Meta said...

I have reviewed your critique of Russo 's films, and although it is very propaganda oriented, your ad-hominmem claims are even more absurd than his logical fallacies.
Nevertheless, it seems as though the film was part of a much larger wave, continuing with The Zeitgeist and going all the way to Michael Moore, and the "Fed is a ponzi" mainstream media news.

I do wonder if you have an updated opinion on these mattes of global capitalism.

Jon Siegel said...

Meta, the great bulk of my critique of Russo's film consists of legal analysis of his absurd claims. There is only a small amount of "ad hominem" comment directed at Russo personally.

I am not an expert on global capitalism, but I am an expert on law and I can assure you that pretty much everything Russo says about taxes in his film is completely wrong.