Monday, November 10, 2008

Election Wrap-Up

Faithful readers, I know that you have been disappointed by the lack of blogging since the election, but I had to leave immediately afterward for a conference in Michigan. But I'm back now, so let me just say . . .


How exciting. Election night was really amazing -- I've never seen anything like it in DC. When the networks called the election for Obama at 11:00 pm, people poured out into the street and were dancing, singing, chanting, and hugging random strangers for hours. I remember that people were happy in 1992, when Bill Clinton won -- and that was after 12 years of Republicans in the White House -- but it was nothing like this. DC is excited. We're all looking forward to the new administration with great anticipation.

I'm looking forward to it myself, and also to returning this blog to its roots. This isn't really meant to be an all-politics, all-the-time blog, but I do tend to get a little distracted in the time leading up to a presidential election. Hopefully blogging can resume more normally now.

But we are allowed to be excited.

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