Friday, August 15, 2008

Thank Goodness

Often we bloggers adopt a sarcastic, acerbic, even snarky tone. But sometimes a story is so heartwarming, so charming, so life-affirming, that even the most cyncial blogger can't bear to make fun of it just for the sake of a cheap laugh.

Such a story appears today. It was a sign of the times -- an indication that the mortgage crisis had really hit home -- when we learned a couple of months ago that Ed McMahon, longtime sidekick of Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show, was in danger of losing his house to foreclosure. The eternally charming McMahon explained his problem in a way that made it real for the struggling families of America: “I made a lot of money, but you also can spend a lot of money,” he said. He had defaulted on his $4.8 million mortgage and listed his six-bedroom, five-bathroom home for $6.5 million, but couldn't find a buyer. He was in real danger of losing his house.

Well, now The Donald has stepped in to save him. Yes, Donald Trump will buy McMahon's house (now listed at a mere $4.6 million) and lease it to him.

Just imagine. I mean, really, what is America coming to when celebrities are in danger of losing their $6.5 million homes. Seriously, is America so debased that Ed McMahon -- Ed McMahon! -- could have been forced to move out of his $6.5 million dollar home and go rough it in, who knows, maybe a $3 million home, or even have to go slumming in some $2.5 million condo somewhere.

It warms the blogger heart to know that there's a brotherhood in celebrity, a fraternity, a network, with bonds that tie celebrities together when times are tough. America has some problems, but Ed McMahon living in a four-bedroom condo is not one of them.

Well, thank goodness. If you're in danger of losing your home to the subprime mortgage crisis, you can, at least, rest easier tonight knowing that Ed McMahon still has his. I know I will. Thank you, Donald Trump.

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