Thursday, August 28, 2008

He'd Beat Them All

I can't help it -- every time I see Bill Clinton speak I think he'd win the Presidency again in a heartbeat if it weren't for that pesky 22d Amendment. He's not a great orator, but he is a great connector. You feel like he's talking directly to you. And he has a wonderful ability to explain the reasons to vote Democrat in a clear, simple, convincing way.

Sure, he has big flaws -- his can't tell the truth, even when it doesn't really matter; he can't stop chasing skirts; and he never cared enough about the judiciary. But that would all melt away. It's been nearly ten years since anyone really cared about his dalliances. Can you imagine what would happen if the election were Bill Clinton v. John McCain?

Last night he put his heart into endorsing Barack Obama. And he did a great job. He's been annoyingly petulant all year about his wife's failure to win the nomination. But he finally put all that aside and did what he needed to do. A great speech for him, for the party, and for Barack Obama.

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