Wednesday, April 23, 2008

OK, Now I Can't Stand It

All this time, as pundits have been saying that Democrats are exhausted by the elongated primary season, I've been wondering what the problem is. It's not that big a deal, I thought. Sure, it's somewhat grueling for Clinton and Obama to keep going at it, but it'll all get wrapped up eventually and the party will support the winner. Stop complaining.

Now even I've had it. The Pennsylvania results were about the worst possible outcome -- Clinton's victory is not large enough to really change the dynamics of the race, but just large enough to mean she won't drop out.

And at this point, I really do feel that the primary race is hurting the party. The candidates are compelled to point out each other's flaws, when we should all really be focusing on the other party's flaws.

Can the Democrats possibly screw it up again? If ever there was a year when the Democrats should win in a cakewalk -- when they could spot the Republicans 100 electoral votes and still win without breathing hard -- it should be this year, with the economy in the tank, the Republican President having the lowest popularity in 70 years, and the Republican candidate supporting the ill-conceived, unimaginably poorly executed war in Iraq.

Well, the Dems should have won in a cakewalk in 2004, and in 2000, and they managed to screw those elections up. They sure need to do better this time.

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