Monday, December 24, 2007

Weblog Anniversary

Not my blog anniversary or anything like that, but it appears that this is the tenth anniversary of the invention of the term "weblog." (Actually, it appears that the tenth anniversary occurred a week ago but news organizations have just caught up.) The term got shortened to "blog" later.

The anniversary reminds us that weblogs started as, well, logs of what someone was doing on the web. Back in the day, oh so long ago, it was a little harder to find web content than it is now, so people appreciated links to good stuff. And even today a lot of very popular blogs -- certainly many that are thousands of times more popular than this modest effort -- seem to consist largely of links to other content.

The key to success, it seems, is to surf the web, find good content and link to it. My basic error is trying provide content of my own.

In the spirit of the anniversary, here's a little time-waster for you: the top 20 viral videos of 2007. If you only have 10 seconds to spare, be sure to watch "Dramatic Chipmunk."

Yes, I did watch some of them this morning. But hey, it's a University holiday.

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