Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Making Nice -- Too Nice

What's the point of scheduling an all-night Senate debate if you guarantee that there won't be any votes during the night? The whole point of the exercise is to force the filibustering minority to stay on their feet through the small hours -- to see if they've got the fortitude to filibuster for real. When they get too tired and cranky to keep debating, you hold the vote.

It seems that the Republicans were right after all -- the all-night debate was just a piece of political theater. Majority Leaer Reid wasn't really putting the minority to the test; he just wanted a good show.


Garth said...

i read the post piece.

i think calling it political theater is too dismissive. the american public wants an end to the war in Iraq. reid made a smart move in using this opportunity to take a head count.

are you ready to end this war or not.

the Republicans filibustered what the article said appeared to be a slim majority, just not the 60 super majority needed.

the miscalculation here is that we already know what Patraeus's report is going to be: no progress in stemming the violence and more american blood and treasure are needed to maintain the status quo.

if the dems cannot get it done now, the record is clear they tried. in september who is going to plead for another 6 months for this most unpopular president.

political theater that serves a purpose...

but don't doubt that the Dems were serious about passing this bill. i am impressed they got a slight majority.

calling it theater doesn't make it right, nor do I see any merit in looking for a more centrist position.

we need a sensible plan for getting out. everyone knows it but bush and his republican enablers. they will pay a steep price for this.

Garth said...

basically, bush is daring the Democrats to impeach him and cheney.

to put this on the table, the Dems have to build a case.

this is part of that case.