Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Back from Break

Sorry to keep you waiting so long, faithful readers, but your correspondent was busy last week . . . playing bridge! It was the big annual tournament for the DC area.

My partner and I had our best finish ever -- second in Flight B of the "Jerry Machlin" Pairs, a local event named for a famous tournament director. That's roughly comparable to coming in second in a tri-state golf tournament for players whose handicaps are at least 12 -- not anything to swell one's head, but a good result for B players like us. Previously, we'd never even made the cut in this event.

The only problem was that we felt terrible! We should have won. We were in first place by a pretty strong margin going into the last round of play and could have won with even marginally decent results in the last round. But we managed to botch up both deals and came in second. It literally came down to the play of one card in the last deal -- one different card, and we would have won. Phil Mickelson's collapse at the last hole of the U.S. open at Winged Foot came to mind.

Well, I'm still pleased with our progress. It was a very good tournament for us. And just wait till next year.

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