Monday, June 4, 2007

Equal Time for Democrats

I wouldn't want my loyal readers to imagine that I blog only Republican scandals. No, we bloggers have a loyalty to something higher, something that transcends party lines, a loyalty to . . . to what, exactly? The truth? Good, public spirited government? Or just the desire to make snarky comments about powerful people who land themselves in a bucket full of trouble?

Putting blogger self-psychoanalysis to the side, a grand jury has indicted William Jefferson, alias "Freezer Bill." That's the Democratic congressman found with $90,000 in cash in his freezer. And the bills were marked before being given to him by a cooperating witness. Oh, and a company head has already pleaded guilty to bribing him.

The guy I have to admire is Robert Trout, Jefferson's attorney. He's all over the news saying that Jefferson is innocent.

Well, I can see his point. Plenty of innocent people keep their cash in the freezer. If you don't keep cash cold, it can spoil. And it would get wet if you kept it in the dishwasher. So there's no reason to see anything suspicious in that.

And lots of innocent people end up with cash that's been specially marked for an FBI investigation. Especially $90,000 worth of such cash. That could happen to anybody.

And I always like to have some spare cash in the house for emergencies. You never know when you might need to pop down to the grocery store and buy $90,000 worth of last-minute napkins and peanuts for a party.

Look, I've always maintained that it's dangerous to form an opinion of a case based on media accounts. But in this case I'm thinking about making an exception. If Jefferson can explain his way out of this one, he's got my vote forever.

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