Sunday, March 21, 2010

And About Those Census Kooks . . .

Last week, I scoffed at the census kooks, who claim that there's something unconstitutional about the census questions. An added thought -- aren't these the same people who get all teary eyed telling us how much they love the country?

Listen, teary-eyed conservatives, your country, which you love so much, would like just a small favor from you. It would like you to answer a few simple questions, for national statistical purposes, that will help us understand our country better. It won't cost anything, it'll only take a few minutes of your time, it's not especially intrusive, and the answers are confidential. Not much to ask, really.

But apparently too much for you! Some lover you are.


Peter said...


It seems that when dissent and protest of government action suits you (during a Republican administration, perhaps), civil disobedience is a sacred and patriotic duty. But when it doesn't suit you, it's kooky and unpatriotic.

Ignoring the census is, for many, a form of civil disobedience. And a rather mild one at that.

I assume you are aware of America's long and noble tradition of civil disobedience.

My guess is that you think dissent and protest are quintessentially American.

Or do you only support acts of dissent and protest when they are consistent with your own political beliefs?

There are some very good reasons to object to the types of information gathered by the census and the government's use of that information - especially as it pertains to race-based preferences and the gerry-mandering of congressioonal districts to force the election of more minority and women legislators.

Some of us happen to think the use of census information for these purposes is unconstitutional.

I am sure that one of things you most hated about George W. Bush was his Manichean thought process. But you are employing the same kind of thought process here. To wit, those who protest the census are kooks merely because you disagree with them.

They are the bad guys, you are the good guy.

By the way, it is the "government", not my country that is asking for this information.

In good liberal fashion, you conflate government and country.

Anonymous said...


Liberals aren't the only ones who conflate government and country. Anyone who dared to criticize the Bush administration for invading Iraq or torturing detainees was quickly accused of hating America.