Saturday, January 16, 2010

All You Need Is . . .

As faithful readers know, we get to relax from serious topics on weekends.

Blackberry commercials are generally pretty annoying, and it's somewhat dispiriting to see the Beatles' music used to hawk cell phones, but I will say that their latest commercials at least remind me what a great song "All You Need Is Love" is.

And here's the thing -- it all comes down to one note. It's the note on "need" the third time "all you need is love" comes around. The first two times the whole phrase is a monotone, but then the third time, it's different: "Need" is a half-step higher. Just half a step, but what a difference it makes, as a leading tone into the whole step up on "love." And it's a nice cover too, apparently by someone named Grayson Matthews.

I'm sticking with my Treo, but take a listen and appreciate the beauty of leading tones.

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