Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Supreme Court

Finally, my main issue. McCain is misspeaking slightly (saying that Obama voted against Breyer -- he means Alito), but he's claiming to care about qualifications, not litmus tests. I guess that would be nice if it were true. Obama will probably say the same thing. Yup, here it is.

I guess a lot of people think the whole Supreme Court comes down to Roe v. Wade. That's the only decision McCain, Obama, or Bob have mentioned. At least Obama is talking about rights generally, how they shouldn't be subject to a vote. Ah, and now he's bringing up the Ledbetter case. With a full description of the facts! So there is a case besides Roe! And McCain knows something about it too. But he just gives one line about it and now he's back to abortion.

Sigh. The Supreme Court is such an important issue, and all anyone wants to talk about is abortion. At least Obama is giving a good answer trying to reconcile views.

And McCain attacks Obama for "eloquence"! Sheesh, when did intelligence, eloquence, and drawing big crowds become negatives?

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