Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain Rolls the Dice Again

That John McCain -- always putting the country first, especially when it suits him politically. He's suspending his campaign and returning to Washington to work on the economic bailout plan, and he'll even refuse to show up for tomorrow night's presidential debate because the economic crisis is so important.

Sorry, Senator, you're not fooling anyone. The economic crisis is important, but choosing the next President is important too. And besides, what exactly are you going to do to solve the crisis? You're not even on the Committee that's handling it. Are you just going to blow into the Committee room and announce, "everything's fine, McCain is here to save you"? That'll go over real well.

And what's the deal with pulling your ads? What, do you have to personally do the voice-over for each ad each time it runs? How exactly does running an ad interfere with your ability to do your whatever-the-heck-it-is that you're planning to do on the bailout bill?

You're just grandstanding. As usual, when you're behind, you roll the dice to try to shake things up. That was your strategy picking Sarah Palin -- how many press conferences has she done since then? Oh, right, zero -- and it's your strategy now. It's necessary strategy when you're behind, but it's not fooling anybody.

Now the really dreary part is going to be having to listen to all the conservative pundits explain why suspending his campaign shows McCain is a selfless hero. I'm guessing that even they will look a little exasperated.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Professor:

McCain has not suspended his campaign. This 'suspension' IS his campaign just as much as any other part of it.

And it is working in his favor. Obama was immediately put in the position of having to justify NOT suspending his campaign. And he has returned to DC - essentially 'suspending' at least part of his own campaign to show that he too has some concern for the financial 'crisis'.

Even Bill Clinton weighed in on McCain's suspension, defending it as being done in "good faith." (

McCain will very likely indeed fool many 'swing' voters with his campaign suspension strategy.