Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Over the Top

Just a short, self-aggrandizing note: sometime late yesterday, my website had its 100,000th visitor. That doesn't count blog readers, who are tracked separately.

The great majority of the visitors are interested in my income tax pages. Interest waxes and wanes with the calendar. During tax season, the pages typically get about 500 hits from 200-300 visitors. This time of year 100-200 visitors a day is the norm. The daily traffic also serves as a barometer of events in the tax protestor world: when it shoots up, I know something is happening. I had nearly 1600 visitors the day Ed and Elaine Brown were arrested. Although there are false positives: nearly 600 visitors showed up this Sunday, but the only apparent reason is that a link to the pages that appeared on a popular discussion board.

I never imagined that proving that there really is a law requiring people to pay income tax would be my most public face. But there it is -- apparently there are a lot of people out there (100,000 or more) who need guidance on this issue. I'm happy to provide it.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on making one person's list of the "Top 100" law blogs:


Looks like you beat out Prawsblawg and Brian Leiter. You've really hit the big time now!

Anonymous said...

I second the congratulations. I am a former student of yours (who knows that the internal revenue code applies to me, too!) I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate the time it takes to maintain. Thank you Professor Siegel.

Anonymous said...

I think times are tough for people and it would be a dream come true if they did not have to pay taxes, maybe then they could keep their houses out of foreclosure. What ever happen to a person's ability to pay tax. It would serve our country well to cut what is paid to the federal government. By the way you are awesome and yes alot of tax protesters are giving people fraudulent information, that could put them in jail, I think you need more tags that would place people on your site, sheeding the truth on the 16th admendment.