Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sex Transcends Party

The political parties like to focus on their differences, but we voters can see the things that unite them. Like spending. Republicans decried excessive government spending for decades and promised to rein it in, but once they got control of the White House and both Houses of Congress it became clear that they were even bigger spenders than the Democrats. The Democrats prefer to tax and spend, and the Republicans prefer to borrow and spend, but what they both like to do is spend, spend, spend, spend.

The other uniter is sex. Just when you might have been worried that Eliot Spitzer's sex-tainted resignation was tarring the Democrats, along comes a Republican to remind us that sex transcends party. Vito Fossella, Republican Congressman representing Staten Island and part of Brooklyn, has announced he won't seek re-election. Fossella, 43 years old, married, and with three kids -- three kids by his wife, that is -- turns out to have called on his mistress and mother of his other child for help when (oh, this is the best part) he was arrested for drunk driving.

It's almost too easy for snarky bloggers to make fun of these politicians. We can debate which is worse -- soliciting sex in bathrooms, patronizing prostitutes, or having an affair. But really, don't these people know that they live under a microscope? You might think their desire for re-election could tame their libidos at least a little.

Well, at least the ball is back in the Republican court. And really, what could promote family values more than having two families?

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