Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Must He Go?

I'm still reeling from the news about New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. I gave my main thoughts yesterday, but the question of the hour is, should Spitzer stay or should he resign? Not surprisingly, the Republican Governors Association recommends the latter. The Democratic Governors Association recommends "caution and restraint."

Spitzer's future doesn't look good. I think he can rule out running for President. But here's a question for those Republican Governors: Did they call for David Vitter to resign? I don't think so. Did they call for Larry Craig to resign? OK, they probably did, but we all know Republicans regard that as a special case.

The point is, Vitter is still a Senator. Craig is still a Senator. Bill Clinton survived his sex scandal. These things are not invariably fatal.

The Governor has a tough road ahead and it's hard to see how he can ever regain the mass support that swept him into office. But it's not clear that he'll be forced to go.

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