Friday, February 1, 2008

Train Leaving the Station

No legal content today, but I couldn't help but by struck by the story that even though travel is starting to return to normal in Guangzhou, China, following snowstorms that disrupted trains, there were still 400,000 people stranded at the Guangzhou railroad station. And that's down by half from the peak of the problem!

Can you imagine 800,000 people stuck at a railroad station? That's bigger than the entire population of the District of Columbia. If every man, woman, and child in town went down to Union Station and camped out there, the scene wouldn't be as bad as Guangzhou.

I remember once being at a huge political rally in downtown DC, in a crowd later estimated to be 750,000. As we were marching, there was a jam-up as we tried to turn a corner. For about half an hour it wasn't possible to move six inches in any direction.

800,000 people trying to get on a train. Things obviously happen on a grand scale in China.

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